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In this book, atomic force microscopy (AFM) tip profile was introduced and studied on carbon nanotube with various widths. This technique is a potential applicant for imaging the bodies at Nano-scale under 10 nm due to the sharp apex of AFM’s tips. In addition, it could apply for biology samples such as DNA, proteins, cells, which have larger sizes and higher sensitive surfaces. Therefore, AFM tip shapes have been emerged and studied throughout. The image information has been analyzed to estimate the AFM tip profile. The image analysis has been characterized by many programs specifically Surface program and Matlab. The purpose of our work is to present specific methods of investigation AFM tips on 2 nm – 10 nm carbon nanotube diameters.

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: AFM and Tip Geometries

2.1. Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)      

  2.1.1. Principles

  2.1.2. How the System Operates             

  2.1.3. Advantages and Drawbacks                      

2.2. Tip Manufacturing                              

  2.2.1. Top Down Manufacturing             

  2.2.2. Bottom Up Manufacturing            

2.3. Examining Tip Structures                              

2.4. Calculation and Surface Program     

Chapter 3: Visualizing the Nano-World  

3.1. Microscopy                                            

  3.1.1. Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) 

  3.1.2. Scanning Electron Microscopy       

3.2. Electron Beam Lithography (EBL)   

3.3. Ultra-High Vacuum (UHV).     

Chapter 4: Techniques in Nanotechnology 

4.1. Silicon Chip Preparation                         

4.2. Resists                                                         

4.3 Electron Beam Patterning                        

4.4. Development and Metal Evaporation  

4.5. Deposited Carbon Nanotubes

4.6. Imaging by AFM                                       

4.7. Imaging by e-LINE 

Chapter 5: The Tip and the Tube                   

5.1. Estimated Diameters for CNTs               

5.2. Estimating the Radius for AFM Tip         

Chapter 6: Conclusions 


Camtu Suhonen

Camtu Suhonen is an instructor and an author based in Dalat. She started her first career as an applied physicist. With an education in technology, she is featured as a sci-fi novelist who created writing craft at a very young age. Her stories usually involve modern tech with distinct visionary - Apart from that, her writing activities are non-fiction, self-help, and spiritual truth.